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Family Nutrition

There is no questioning the important role nutrition plays in your family’s health but helping the whole family stick to balanced healthy meals is quite the challenge. Don’t be discouraged as simple changes to your daily routine can have an immense impact on your family nutrition.

Eating right is important at any age but its absolutely crucial when trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy, breast feeding and then through the early years of childhood. We’re of the firm belief that a nutritious diet significantly increases a child’s chances of a healthy life, kick starting their cognitive development. Our nutritionist is a true advocate of healthy eating as a lifestyle choice, not just a fad, and feeling good really is at the core of everything she does.

While keeping loved ones healthy is a full-time job, inviting our nutritionist to meet the whole family and understand their unique habits can be the impetus needed to help everyone consume more nutritious foods and maintain a healthy weight. Educate the family by justifying portion sizes, suggesting sugar swaps and alternatives to your favourite things that don’t compromise on taste. Challenging children to experiment with new colours and textures can be tricky but with perseverance, we can make a healthy twist on their favourite lunchboxes.

As you walk round a supermarket, ticking items off your shopping list, you may well think that you're picking healthy products for you and the family. Yet, as we become more health conscious, food manufacturers have found new and devious ways to pass off their not-so-healthy products as saintly (unfortunately, they’re really quite good at it!). It’s a real challenge to identify a truly healthy food without looking at the label so don't be hard on yourself.

Following an initial consultation, we offer a unique personal shopping experience. You will above all else appreciate the difference between the products you should be buying and those you should really be avoiding. Alternatively, we offer a kitchen review where we look at your cupboards and share ways to improve your cooking environment. Expect a fun and interactive experience enabling you to take control over your new healthy kitchen.

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