Meet the Team




Paediatric Osteopathy ( babies, toddlers and adolescents) , Osteopathy for Older Adults

Mahya graduated from University College of Osteopathy (formerly known as British School of Osteopathy) and College of Osteopaths. She has done further studies ,specialising in Paediatric osteopathy and older adults enabling her to provide specialised osteopathic care to different age group. She’s currently studying for her Masters in  physical therapy in musculoskeletal rehabilitation at University College of London to enhance her knowledge and skills to provide a holistic approach.

Mahya has worked in various clinical settings in London and Somerset including osteopathic, Chiropractic and supported living housing working with people with different range of physical and mental health problems. In addition she is a paediatric clinic tutor at University College of Osteopathy.

She has also worked at London Olympic 2012 which she has gained valuable experience by observing ‘behind the scenes’.

Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)

Reyhaneh is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) specialising in weight management, pre and post-natal nutrition and sports nutrition. Having achieved a first-class bachelor (BSc) degree in Nutrition, she focuses on using evidence-based nutrition to empower food choices. Following University, she is becoming a qualified Level 3 PT and is completing her sports nutrition education.

Reyhaneh’s mission is to fight modern day dietary and fitness myths and help people improve their relationship with food. As showcased on her Instagram @reys_nutritious_lab, Reyhaneh’s aim is to make evidence-based nutrition as accessible, relevant and exciting as possible. Whether your goal is weight management, increase energy or to boost sports performance, Reyhaneh will help you achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.